In 2015 I quit my job at Microsoft to stay home with my nine-month old daughter. About a week later I was trying to figure out two things: what I should do with my time and why there weren’t more children’s books with a math or science perspective. “They should make more,” I thought. “I could make some,” I thought. “Other people do it. If other people can do it, then I can learn, too. How hard could it be?,” I thought.


I haven’t been published– yet. But I have learned so much since that initial idea, and written hundreds of thousands of words. Here are a few of my books in progress:

Rocksanne (Picture Book) – Rocksanne is so small you might not notice her, but with some friends and a little math, she finally gets shoes to stop kicking her around. (Demonstrates the triangular numbers).

A Most Exquisite Documentary of Crocodilia (Picture Book) – Two birds filming an alligator for a documentary film are not sure if it isn’t a crocodile. (Differences between alligators and crocodiles, and rumored differences that are actually the same).

The Chicken Nugget Experiment (Picture Book) – When science created the chicken nugget, it left open an important question: how many chicken nuggets can one person eat? A team of scientists and engineers are determined to find out. (A demonstration of the scientific method).

Illustration by Gillian Allen

Pigeons in the Park (Picture Book) – Ten pigeons in the park would like to play together, but each activity they choose does not have enough for everyone. (A counting book about the Pigeon-Hole Principle).




Becca and the Golden Keys (Young Adult) – When a fifteen-year-old girl from San Diego is sent to an exclusive boarding school in England, she learns that she is benefiting from her family’s unfair privilege. She must uncover their secret or accept the injustice and their control over her life. (Demonstrates cryptography).